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Aah... The memories... Besides the shiny new galleries, many of the galleries are also here for sentimental reasons. Many of the students in said galleries have been our friends sinced we started - imagine that!!

These galleries are frequently updated by each individual branch.

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These galleries are created whenever we hold a notable event.


The Khong Brothers (founders of Creative Robotics™), Jun and Jian have been involved in robotics competitions and demos for quite a period of time. Jun, for example built his first robot in 2001 (13 years old, entirely his own design with minimal reference from books, no internet) - the robot, dubbed SaRS (Search and Rescue Scorpion) was a line-following robot that was equipped with a rescue winch and spot lights (LEDs).

Built entirely from recycled electronic components and hardware, the robot was submitted to a design-create (Rekacipta) competition, and (guess what?) - it won first prize!

Recognizing hidden talent, the Khong Brothers' parents, teachers and friends encouraged them to take part in various technology and robotic-related activities - competitions, exhibitions, demonstrations and the like. That's where it all started - from a simple line-following robot to bigger, better and badder machines (err "more advanced robots" would suffice...).

The Khong Brothers have been teaching, conducting demos, and holding workshops since 2003, under the name of Khong Brothers Cre8tiv RobotiX™ (Khong Brothers Creative Robotics™).

Today, our widely known brand name is much less of a mouthful: CR8®. The Khong Brothers Jun and Jian are now the Directors of Creative Robotics Education Sdn Bhd, where they help advance the world, one robot at a time.

For an unimaginably concise list of what the Khong Brothers' activities, please visit the:

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