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Creative Robotics™ Learning Center (widely known as “CR8®”, pronounced “create”) is a company dedicated to preparing the youth of today for the world of tomorrow by infusing vital competences, hard skills, and soft skills (also known as people skills, such as communication, teamwork, problem solving and observation) in a fun and exciting way. By doing so, students will not be left out in today’s fast-paced, technology-oriented world. They are the “Young Creators” that may one day engineer a better tomorrow.

We have been preparing the youth of today for the world of tomorrow since 2003, under the name of Khong Brothers Cre8tiv RobotiX. We specialize in training both the average hobbyist and competition participants as well as supplying robotic kits. Being among Malaysia’s robotics pioneers, our trainers have proven their skills by winning countless awards in the national and international arena.

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CR8® is also a Microsoft® Partner in Learning for the Kodu Game Lab. Kodu is a visual programming language that allows anyone, even those without programming knowledge and experience, to create rich 3D games using intuitive icons to control the characters and objects with character behaviours expressed in physical terms. Essentially, visual coding.

KoduKodu Prize Giving

Students as young as 5 can easily create simple games on their own. Kodu provides a fun and educational end-to-end creative environment for students to design, build, play and share their very own games.


Our motto “Discover Fun Engineering™” should be self explanatory. However, just for you to get the gist further – consider this: many youth and some adults seem to think that engineers wear safety helmets, big yellow boots and go around building buildings – that’s only partially correct!

The engineers previously mentioned are civil engineers – the heroes who build the buildings we live comfortably in! There are many types of engineers, each classified according to the work that they do.

Unfortunately, a huge amount of people also think that engineering is a boring field that is choked with calculations and theory – they’re also only partly correct. Unless you’re studying pure Calculus, the most useful calculation you’ll need is good ol’ Ohm’s Law (you know, the V=IR thing).

Hence, we put Fun and Engineering together and hence came up with a recipe for youth (and grown-ups alike) to: Discover Fun Engineering™

At Creative Robotics™ Learning Center, we promote students to have fun with other students as well as have hands-on (not virtual) experience in building simple to advanced hobby robots (not multi-million dollar top-secret beta prototypes), where they’ll learn through trial & error the ‘sense’ of what-can-be-done-and-what-cannot-be-done with the resources they have.

Needless to say, when exposed to these professional environments at young ages, imagine how that individual’s view of professionalism (in any field, not just in engineering) will grow and expand – leading him/her to push his/her skill, communication, creativity and knowledge boundaries rapidly!!! Try to imagine this – our (generation’s) “hi-tech” today will become their (children’s) “prehistoric” tomorrow! This may seem funny, but it is the truth.

Robotics and the concept of the PR (click here to read about the Personal Robot) is going to be the next big thing - just as the PC (Personal Computer) was a number of years back. Mankind is always looking to make things easier - what can be easier and more convenient than a personal robot performing every chore for us?


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