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Here are some ways the CR8® unique, time-tested program will benefit your child. Since we started teaching in 2003, we have seen students grow, learn and improve with help from our home-brew syllabus. What makes us special? Click here to find out!

Robotics is now commonplace in education systems throught the world. For example, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) uses robotics (incuding LEGO® Mindstorms®) to teach their engineering students. In Malaysia, robotics has become so common-place, many schools will have a robotics club included in their extra-curricular activity list.

Robotics is a very comprehensive 'subject', because it deals with:
• Hardware - You'll first need to build the robot out of physical components.
• Software - You then need to perform coding - writing a program for the robot to function.
• Wetware - Many machines are now being inspired by nature - 'wetware' is nature's 'hardware'!
• Science - There are a lot of scientific concepts that go into making a robot work properly.
• Technology - Often, you'll want to give your robots gismos and gadgets to make it do more.
• Engineering - Let's face it - robots are not just 'built', they are 'engineered'!
• Aesthetics/Arts - In this day and age, a robot has to look as good as it performs.
• Mathematics - It is not possible to code a robot without numbers. Yet.

We specialize in using robotics as a platform to infuse students with vital competences, hard skills and soft skills to keep them competitive in today's digital age. Our trademark, STEAM-Powered Syllabus teaches Robotics and Coding in a fun and engaging way. STEAM is short for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths.

When building a robot, students are faced with numerous challenges. Questions such as "Will it be too heavy?", 'Will it look cool?", 'How am I going to move two wheels with one motor?" or "The robot is too tall - is it still stable?" will tend to pop up in one's mind. Sometimes, challenges require the application of both logical and creative thinking in order to solve the problem. At the same time, there may be design constraints such as budget, parts, or size limits.

By thinking with a STEAM-oriented approach, they will eventually work out a solution under our guidance.

Robot-building inevitably involves handling small or delicate parts with precision. Frequent practice with these components will build up one's hand-eye coordination. Hand-eye coordination is a vital must-have In every functional person, and the best time to instill it is during childhood!

Here at Creative Robotics, building robots with LEGO® and coding them on a computer has proven countless times to help improve hand­-eye coordination in our students! A quick Google search will return hundreds of thousands of relevant results to show that playing with construction-oriented toys will help boost a child's hand-eye coorditation.

Since our students are mixed-age-group, they have to learn to socialize and get along with other students. They will learn how to communicate and work together to achieve goals. They will also have to behave properly, otherwise they will not receive certain awards! They will ultimately be in a good, wholesome environment • just what growing kids need.

We employ English as our primary language as it is widely used as an International language. Our Missions, Manuals, Coaches and Website all communicate in English - students will pick up new words and improve their vocabulary!

Robots are quickly being integrated into our daily life. Countries such as Japan and the US spend huge amounts of resource per annum to improve their robotic technology. Robots are already helping us in many areas, either because it is too boring, dangerous, stressful, precise or expensive for a human to do. Some examples:
• Entertaining humans
• Disposing bombs
• Exploring planets
• Car making
• Crash testing
• Load lifting
• Building buildings
• Vacuuming floors
• Mopping floors
• Street deaning
• Cleaning gutters
• Patrolling dangerous areas
• Flying airplanes
• Driving cars
• Sailing boats
• Building more robots
• Delivering meals
• Spotting bad guys
• Serving ice cream
• Taking selfies
• And much, much more!

Try Googling for "robot" - about 714,000,000 results at the time of this writing!

The robotics trend will be something like the next PC (Personal Computer) rush. The concept of the PR (Personal Robot) is already brewing in the minds of many individuals (and companies) throughout the globe (yes, on our minds too).

"The future of work won't be about college degrees, it will be about job skills"
In an article with the title above, CNBC said that "Rapid technological change, combined with rising education costs, have made our traditional higher-education system an increasingly anachronistic and risky path... Yet too often, degrees are still thought of as lifelong stamps of professional competency. They tend to create a false sense of security, perpetuating the illusion that work — and the knowledge it requires — is static. It's not."

At Creative Robotics, we hope to be a catalyst that will accelerate students' learning curves and better prepare them for the exciting world of tomorrow.

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