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CR8® Like No Other


CR8® Online™ | DESIGN

Creative Robotics™ Online™, or CR8® Online™ is a 3rd Generation web site designed to be simple, yet informative enough for students, parents and hobbyists to browse. Using pleasant colours, clear fonts, pleasant themes and colourful pictures, CR8® Online™ delivers information, innovation and creativity with style and ease.

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CR8® Online™ | TRIVIA

These are some extra bits of information about CR8® Online™ (this web site, in case you haven't already noticed). To read more about Creative Robotics™ (CR8®) - the company, please click here. Well, since you're on this page, did you know that:

  • CR8® Online™ was created from scratch by Khong Yee Jun, one of CR8®'s Directors?
  • Jun learned how to make websites (like CR8® Online™) from a small book he found in his school library, and a whole lot of trial and error?
  • CR8® Online™ was in the making since 2003?
  • CR8® Online™ has well over 1000 links? All of it's pages are interlinked one way or another!
  • CR8® Online™ has many links to Wikipedia? Wikipedia is a great site for learning... a lot!
  • The entire site and contents were created on a Mac using Adobe® Dreamweaver and Illustrator for Mac?
  • CR8® Online™'s color scheme incorporates our main theme colours (Orange/Gold, Blue, Grey)?
  • CR8® Online™ only uses two simple (yet extremely effective) elements - html and flash?
  • CR8® Online™ is updated regularly - only sometimes the upgrades are not immediately apparant?
  • CR8® has a Facebook page? See it here.
  • CR8® has a Twitter page? See it here.
  • CR8® has a YouTube page? See it here.
  • CR8® Online™ is iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, PC and tablet friendly?
  • Since CR8® Online™'s contents & details are updated regularly, you can stay tuned for more?



CR8® Online™ was put together with us thinking both in and out of the box. Yes, you read right - we think in the box too! Sometimes, what you need is already in your hands - simply put it to good use! As for thinking out of the box, that's where we pull in new ideas from our fast-paced world! But, Be. Original.

  • CR8® Online™ is now in its 4th Generation.
  • CR8® Online™ is made entirely out of basic html and flash. Why? We believe in the power of simplicity!
  • Often, it's the simplest idea/solution/design/etc. that is the most effective.
  • Being a 3rd Generation web site, it does not need to be high-tech to be high-tech!
  • CR8® Online™ focuses on simple, effective themes and links to be easily navigated.
  • CR8® Online™ has many links to external sites that contain more information about stuff such as this.



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