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Dato Chua (CSL Malaysia CEO)
This is the first learning center that I come across which is both innovative and creative and enhances technological skills towards the future.

Mr. Farad Alhusaini (former Microsoft® Malaysia Education Director)
My son has become very creative and innovative and has developed an incredible ability in lateral thinking and analyzing skills in his own creations. I also highly recommend Creative Robotics™ (CR8®) to those who are keen in the robotics education business as they provide a complete package of know-how that enriches kids to develop creative minds.

Penny Lee (Accountant)
High tech, low cost learning.

Evelyn Wong (Housewife)
Creative Robotics Learning Center's unique method of learning enhances problem solving, logical thinking and creative thinking skills that help my child do well in learning subject in school especially in maths and science. My son got highest mark in maths and science during examination in school.

Jennifer Yeow (Secretary)
This an avenue for my son to express his creativity in designing and building his robots. By joining Creative Robotics, He has a better grasp in his science subjects in school. Tremendous memory improvement as well.

Grace Ong (IT Teacher, Masters in IT)
This robotic learning center has trained my sons to become more creative and think out-of-the-box. It inspires them to excel in the field of engineering and discovery through learning.

Mrs. Safina (Restauranteur)
Good exposure for my son to the world of robotics & technology.

Ang Chun Yik (Student)
Without joining Creative Robotics, I wouldn't have learnt new techniques and met new friends who share the same interest. It's good to know that I'm not the only one still playing with LEGO at my age.

Mr. Kuhan (Lawyer)
My 11 year old twin sons and 6 year old daughter never want to miss their robotics session in Friday evenings. I'm glad that they have keen interest as I believe robotics has helped boost their confidence when it comes to problem solving. They seem much more solution-oriented now. I think that it is very important that they experience this in their formative years as they learn how to look for alternatives rather than being helpless in seemingly difficult situations.

Nooruddin Ahmed (20 years in the IT Industry, Abu Dhabi)
My son (aged 8) is extremely interested in LEGO® and Robotics... to my knowledge, nothing similar exists in the UAE like CR8®.

Dishan Raj (Student)
East or west CR8® is the best.

The Star (Newspaper Article)
Students from various CR8 branches demonstrated some of their innovative robotic creations, including water irrigation system robots, a tugboat docking robot, humanoid and animal robots that responded to motion, as well as a robot that cooked simple dishes.

Kosmo! (Newspaper Article)
Ketika bermain bersama robot itu, ia akan melibatkan pemikiran kognitif, afektif, psikomotor, emosi adn sosial kerana mereka perlu melakukannya secara berpasukan. Robot ini juga dapat meningkatkan konsentrasi, kesabaran, membaiki koordinasi tangan dan mata.

Translation: When playing with the robot, it involves cognitive, affective, psychomotor, emotional and social thinking as they need to work in teams. Robotics can also increase concentration, patience, improve hand and eye coordination.

Kosmo! (Newspaper Article)
Kanak-kanak autisme khususnya, sukar untuk mendapatkan perhatian mereka dan kami menggunakan robot ini untuk melatih mereka.

Translation: For children with autism in particular, it is difficult to get their attention - we use these robots to train them.

Tan Zheng Da (CR8® Student)
[Murid] sangat menyukai rutin tersebut kerana dapat membina robot mengikut kemahuannya malah menghilangkan tekanan belajar di sekolah.

Translation: Students love the routine because they can build robots according to their wants and even eliminate the stress of learning at school.

CR8® Student
Saya mengikuti kelas di CR8 sejak enam tahun lalu apabila dicadangkan oleh ibu. Aktiviti ini banyak membuka minda saya dan meningkatkan kemahiran berfikir serta daya kreativiti.

Translation: I attended classes at CR8 over the last six years when suggested by my mother. This activity opened up my mind and improved my thinking and creativity skills.

CR8® Student
Di sini saya banyak diberi tunjuk ajar untuk membina robot termaksuklah pengaturcaraan komputer agar ia dapat bergerak dan berfungsi dengan baik.

Translation: Here I have been taught a lot to build and code robots so that it moves and functions well.

Kosmo! (Newspaper Article)
Setiap silibus itu dibuat bagi melahirkan pelajar yang berdaya saing, kreatif dan inovatif dalam suasana menyoronokkan.

Translation: [CR8®] syllabus was created to produce competitive, creative and innovative students in a fun environment.

Program-program sebegini sangat penting terutamanya untuk meningkatkan kemahiran menyelesaikan masalah, berfikir di luar kotak, literasi komputer, menanamkan minat dalam bidang robotik, menguasi sains, teknologi, kesenian dan matematik.

Translation: Such programs are especially important to improve problem solving, thinking outside the box, computer literacy, instilling interest in robotics, science, technology, arts and mathematics.

Sinar Harian (Newspaper Article)
Kreativiti anak akan diuji melalui penghasilan rekaan robot menggunakan lego di CR8 dan ia adalah produk tempatan tapi kualitinya bertaraf antarabangsa.

Translation: The creativity of the child will be tested through the creation of a robot using lego at CR8® and it is a local product but its quality is international.

Sinar Harian (Newspaper Article)
Boleh dijadikan karier, cabang kerja lebih dibuka.

Translation: [This] can be a career, more options are available [to CR8®] students.


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