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Dato Chua (CSL Malaysia CEO)
This is the first learning center that I come across which is both innovative and creative and enhances technological skills towards the future.

Mr. Farad Alhusaini (former Microsoft® Malaysia Education Director)
My son has become very creative and innovative and has developed an incredible ability in lateral thinking and analyzing skills in his own creations. I also highly recommend Creative Robotics™ (CR8®) to those who are keen in the robotics education business as they provide a complete package of know-how that enriches kids to develop creative minds.

Penny Lee (Accountant)
High tech, low cost learning.

Evelyn Wong (Housewife)
Creative Robotics Learning Center's unique method of learning enhances problem solving, logical thinking and creative thinking skills that help my child do well in learning subject in school especially in maths and science. My son got highest mark in maths and science during examination in school.

Jennifer Yeow (Secretary)
This an avenue for my son to express his creativity in designing and building his robots. By joining Creative Robotics, He has a better grasp in his science subjects in school. Tremendous memory improvement as well.

Grace Ong (IT Teacher, Masters in IT)
This robotic learning center has trained my sons to become more creative and think out-of-the-box. It inspires them to excel in the field of engineering and discovery through learning.

Mrs. Safina (Restauranteur)
Good exposure for my son to the world of robotics & technology.

Ang Chun Yik (Student)
Without joining Creative Robotics, I wouldn't have learnt new techniques and met new friends who share the same interest. It's good to know that I'm not the only one still playing with LEGO at my age.

Mr. Kuhan (Lawyer)
My 11 year old twin sons and 6 year old daughter never want to miss their robotics session in Friday evenings. I'm glad that they have keen interest as I believe robotics has helped boost their confidence when it comes to problem solving. They seem much more solution-oriented now. I think that it is very important that they experience this in their formative years as they learn how to look for alternatives rather than being helpless in seemingly difficult situations.

Nooruddin Ahmed (20 years in the IT Industry, Abu Dhabi)
Paraphrasing: My son (aged 8) is extremely interested in LEGO® and Robotics... to my knowledge, nothing similar exists in the UAE like CR8®.

Dishan Raj (Student)
East or west CR8® is the best.

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